Ayse Dilay Eroglu

Hometown: Adana, Turkey
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant: Turkish
Ayse Dilay speaks English and Turkish. Her interests include languages, culture of Turkey, marbling art of Turkey (Ebru), food, traveling, and history.

Marlon Johns

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Major: Human Physiology, Undergraduate
Marlon speaks English and German. His interests include German history: Roman Empire, WW I and WW II, apartheid and how it still affects daily life, family history, European Union, political geography today, education, lifestyle and health, traveling, German music and food, soccer, and martial arts.

Attila Schillinger

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Grad Program: Conflict and Dispute Resolution
Attila speaks English and Hungarian. His interests include humanizing technology/social media, parenting/co-parenting in Hungary, managing a startup, corporate communications and PR practices in Europe, soccer, boxing, travel, Hungary, Europe, and expat life in the UK and Germany.

Mert Yapucuoglu

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Major: Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate
Mert speaks English and Turkish. His interests include Istanbul, Turkish language, Turkish education system, Turkish food, theatre, community involvement projects in Turkey, and American high school in Turkey.