Secil Ayna

2021-2022 Fulbright Scholar (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program)

Hometown: İstanbul, Turkey

Languages she speaks, studied, or learned: Turkish, English, Spanish 

Favorite hobbies: Cooking, biking, music, running.

Interests: Lifelong learning: teaching, teacher education, language learning, travel, and cultural exchange.

Grigorii Malakhov

Hometowns: Kaluga, Russia (was born) and Warsaw, Poland (current one)

Major: Computer Science

Languages spoken: English, Italian, Russian

Interests: Programming, Language Learning, Human Rights, Cultural Exchange, Medicine, IT-technologies


Murad Mikayilzade

Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan 

Major: Computer and Information Science 

Languages Spoken: Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, Russian 

Interests: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, future technology and humanity, life on Mars, different cultures and religions, politics, diplomacy, world history

Jessica Simpson

Hometown: Manchester, England

Languages: English

Major: Media Studies. 

Interests: I enjoy watching and playing sports, mainly soccer and basketball, as well as playing the guitar and the drums. I enjoy travelling and going on adventures, whether that’s paddleboarding on lakes or in the ocean, or hiking trails. 

Mert Yapucuoglu

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Major: Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate
Mert speaks English and Turkish. His interests include Istanbul, Turkish language, Turkish education system, Turkish food, theatre, community involvement projects in Turkey, and American high school in Turkey.