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H-1B Employee Travel & Sponsorship


H1B Employee Sponsorship

UO departments typically sponsor foreign, permanent faculty members for H-1B status. The H-1B visa category is a temporary period of employment for an individual engaged in a specialty occupation with a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field. The UO sponsors an average of 60 H-1B employees across campus, including professors, researchers, administrators, and technicians.

J-1 Visiting Scholars


J-1 Visiting Scholars

The J-1 scholar visa category was designed to enhance cultural and educational exchange between scholars in the US and abroad. The UO sponsors an average of 200 J-1 visiting scholars each year, who engage in a variety of activities across campus including teaching, research, language study, presentations and cultural activities. 

Other Visa Types


Interantional Scholar Resource Hub

Information regarding alternate visa types for temporary UO employees.