Employment Sponsorship

Immigration Statuses

UO files for both temporary and permanent work authorization for our employees. Employees typically start their employment at UO in a temporary immigration status (e.g. E-3, F-1 OPT, H-1B, J-1, TN, etc.), but that work authorization has a limited duration (typically 5 – 7 years total). Permanent residency gives employees permanent work and travel authorization. However, permanent residency is a long, multi-stepped process, which typically takes at least 2 years. An employee must maintain temporary work authorization while the permanent residency process is ongoing because permanent residency work authorization is not available until the end of the permanent residency process. For positions eligible for permanent residency, UO files for permanent residency in parallel to its filings for temporary work authorization.

Bases of Sponsorship Analysis

When making immigration sponsorship determinations, the decision-making department (International Scholar Services) considers the following factors: likelihood of success, immigration requirements, position duties, employee retention, current capacity, and cross-campus equity/consistency.

Resources to Identify Sponsorship Options

International Employment Contacts:

Contact International Student and Scholar Services at ischolar@uoregon.edu or 541-346-3206.