Hannah Cui

Hometown: Tangshan, China and Salem, Oregon
Major: Mathematics, Undergraduate
Hannah speaks English and Chinese. Her interests include learning languages, traveling, dancing (Tibetan, modern, ballet), piano, Chinese food, culture differences, and the China-United States relationship.

Xiao Dai

Hometown: Rizhao, China
Major: Business Administration, Undergraduate
Xiao speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. Her interests include food, calligraphy, traveling, reading, and walking.

Sonam Dorje Lama

Hometown: Gorkha, Nepal
Major: Biochemistry, Undergraduate
Sonam speaks English, Nepali, and Tibetan. His interests include sports (soccer), environment, science, business, Buddhism, and hiking.

Phuong Hoa Trinh

Hometown: Haiphong, Vietnam
Major: Human Physiology, Undergraduate
Hoa speaks English and Vietnamese. Her interests include holidays, festivals, food, lifestyles, education, culture, storytelling, Buddhism, family values, traditional dresses, weddings, street foods, and folk dance

Hongzhou Huang

Hometown: Chengdu, China and Tokyo, Japan
Major: Economics, Undergraduate
Hongzhou speaks English, Chinese, and Japanese. His interests include the modern history of China, movies, karate, traveling, poetry, Chinese characters, Kanji, the culture of Chengdu, Meiji Restoration, Okinawa history, novels, and literature.

Nghia Huynh

Nghia Huynh

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Major: Operations and Business Analytics, Undergraduate
Nghia speaks English and Vietnamese. His interests include culture, education, sports, food, storytelling, Vietnamese martial arts, event-planning, Buddhism and Christianity.

Takako Iwashita

Takako Iwashita

Hometown: Kumamoto, Japan
Major: Psychology, Undergraduate
Takako speaks English and Japanese. Her interests include Japanese arts, tea ceremony, flower arrangements, history, food, educational system, holidays/ cultural events, archery, cooking, piano playing, folktales and Shinto religion.

Wafa Pathan

Hometown: Hyderabad, Pakistan
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant: Urdu and Hindi
Wafa speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Sindhi, and Siraiki. Her interests include Sufi Poetry, culture of Sindhi community in Pakistan, festival rituals of Sindh Province, traditional dance of Sindh, and personal travel stories of Pakistan's Northern areas.

Shreya Silori

Hometown: Kotdwara, India
Major: International Studies, Undergraduate
Shreya speaks English, Hindi, Thai, and Spanish. Her interests include religion, Indian and Thai culture, traditions and values, music, dance, food, global development issues, environmental issues, traveling, personal experiences, and leadership.

Filadelfia Tadjibaeva

Hometown: Fergana, Uzbekistan
Major: Biology, Undergraduate
Filadelfia speaks English, Uzbek, and Russian. Her interests include ancient history, architecture, painting, movies, natural science, democracy, World War II, and cooking.

Anupong Tuaynak

Hometown: Chumphon, Thailand
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant: Thai
Anupong speaks English and Thai. His interests include Thai dance, Thai food and beverages, linguistics, education, hiking, traveling, volleyball, and photography.

Tangsang Tumbahangphe

Hometown: Kirat Colony, Nepal
Major: Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate
Tangsang speaks English, Nepali, and Hindi. His interests include artificial intelligence, quantum computers, algorithms, cybersecurity, soccer, food, outdoors, storytelling, fashion, live concerts, movies, diplomacy, and cross-cultural understanding.