Anapaola Araujo Tupayachi

Hometown: Cusco, Peru
Major: Architecture, Undergraduate
Anapaola speaks English, Spanish, and French. Her interests include arts, dance, music, literature classics, traveling, languages, community service, food, leadership, Peruvian and Latin-American culture, Peruvian traditional dances, and family roles.

Alexsander Chevarria Ferreira

Hometown: Canoas, Brazil
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant: Portuguese
Alexsander speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is interested in politics and education, educational policy, teaching methodologies, musical theater, pop culture, drag queens, LGBTQIA+ community, and Brazilian funk.

Lantha Clarke

Hometown: Portmore, Jamaica
Majors: Psychology and Public Relations, Undergraduate
Samantha speaks English, Patois Creole, and Japanese. Her interests include Jamaican food, culture, dance, history, and storytelling.

Octavio Elias de Lima

Hometown: Avaré, São Paulo, Brazil
Major: Economics, Undergraduate
Octavio speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. His interests include traveling, Latin America, cultures, economics, education, music, outdoors, and languages.

Renata Moreno Pérez

Hometown: Léon, Mexico
Major: Family and Human Services, Undergraduate
Renata speaks English and Spanish. Her interests include music, Mexican traditions, food, social issues, drawing, painting, soccer, education, crafts, family, and community.

Nelson Perez

Nelson Perez

Hometown: Punta Arenas, Chile
Major: Biology, Undergraduate
Minor: Chemistry
Nelson speaks English and Spanish. His interests include how humans interact with their environment and one another, history, South American politics, geography, storytelling, social organizations, environmental studies, tourism, and family roles.

María Belén Vega Aguirre

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Grad Program: Conflict and Dispute Resolution
María Belén speaks English and Spanish. Her interests include international development, conflict and dispute resolution techniques, human rights, electoral processes, South American food, sports (basketball, swimming, and Zumba), and traveling.