J-1 Student Intern Program Details

The J-1 Student Intern Program gives international students the opportunity to participate in a student internship program in the U.S. that will fulfill the educational objectives of the student’s degree program in his or her home country.

The Student Intern program is a structured and guided work-based learning program, set forth in an individualized Training/Internship Placement Plan (TIPP), that:

  • Reinforces a student's academic study
  • Recognizes the need for work-based experience
  • Provides on-the-job exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise
  • Enhances the intern's knowledge of American culture and society

The internship must expose student interns to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise and expand upon the student interns’ existing knowledge and skills. Internships must not duplicate the student interns’ prior work experience or training received elsewhere.

Program Duration

The minimum length of time for an internship is 3 weeks and the maximum length of time is 12 months. No extensions are permitted.

Training/Internship Placement Plan

A Training/Internship Placement Plan (TIPP) must be developed, in accordance with Department of State guidelines, by the UO Department/Faculty Advisor. The SEVIS Coordinator will provide the UO Department with a TIPP template and guidance in order to ensure the internship complies with J-1 regulations.

The internship must be full-time (minimum of 32 hours per week) and no more than 20% of the internship can be clerical work.


A written evaluation is required at the conclusion of the internship program. If the internship exceeds six (6) months, a mid-point evaluation is also required.

On Campus Privileges

The student intern currently does not have an official status on campus because student interns are neither visiting scholars with a courtesy appointment, nor are they students admitted into a degree program or participants in an approved exchange program. As such, they do not receive UO benefits like an ID card and free access to campus resources. Interns may be employed at the UO as non-system students. 

J-1 Student Intern Guide