J-1 Student Intern Program

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J-1 Student Intern Program

The UO J-1 Student Intern Program enables foreign students to participate in structured work-based learning experiences that fulfill educational objectives for their degree program at their academic institution. Foreign students must be actively enrolled and pursuing a degree at a postsecondary academic institution outside the United States to participate in the J-1 Student Intern Program.

The minimum length of time for an internship is 3 weeks and the maximum length of time is 12 months. No extensions are permitted.


Eligibility Overview

Participation in the J-1 Student Intern Program must be suitable to the foreign student's background, needs, and experience.

Participant Requirements

  • Actively enrolled in and pursuing a degree at an accredited postsecondary academic institution outside the United States.
  • Be in good academic standing at their academic institution outside the United States.
  • Have verifiable English language skills sufficient to function in the internship environment and on a day-to-day basis outside their work-based learning experience. Acceptable verification includes:
    • UO department-conducted interview
    • Recognized English language test:
      • English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT or TOEFL iBT Home Edition) minimum score of 88
      • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) minimum score of 7.0
    • Signed documentation from the foreign student’s academic institution that their degree program is primarily taught in English and that their English language skills are sufficient to function in the internship environment and on a day-to-day basis outside their work-based learning experience.
  • Must have sufficient finances to support themself and accompanying dependents for their entire stay in the United States, including housing and living expenses. Minimum financial requirements:
    • J-1 Student Intern: $1,850/month or $22,200/year
    • J-2 Dependents: Spouse additional $1,550/month or $18,600/year, each J-2 Child (under the age of 21 years old) additional $550/month or $6,600/year
    • Financial information must be kept up to date throughout the student intern's program.

Internship Requirements

  • The internship must fulfill the foreign student’s educational objectives for their current degree program at their home institution.
  • The internship must meet the three-week minimum program duration.


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Application Guidelines and Procedures

Student Intern Responsibilities

As part of the application process, the following documentation will be requested by ISSS:

  • Valid passport that must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States.
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Financial documentation
    • NOTE: If financial documentation is not in English, please provide a brief English translation highlighting the document date, type of funding (savings, checking) and total funding available.
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Proof of active enrollment at an accredited postsecondary academic institution outside the United States.

Hosting Department Responsibilities

The hosting department is required to assist the student intern with general UO onboarding procedures. Responsibilities include assisting the student intern in obtaining their UO credentials (i.e., UO ID and Duck ID), providing onboarding resources and support, and assisting the student intern with other institutional needs. Additionally, the hosting department is responsible for providing the student intern with a workspace and direct supervision of their internship program. Please note that the student intern must actively pursue their UO internship on an in-person, full-time capacity and the hosting department is responsible for ensuring that the student intern’s program is advancing satisfactorily.

The department should set expectations of the internship’s nature, and student intern’s duties and responsibilities upon their arrival. The internship should provide on-the-job exposure to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise, and expand upon the student interns’ existing knowledge and skills.

If the student intern leaves their J-1 program early, does not meet satisfactory program advancement, or makes any changes to the terms of their previously approved internship program, the department must notify ISSS immediately.

  • Ascertain that the student intern has appropriate academic credentials (including English language proficiency) to be appointed to and benefit from their J-1 internship program.
  • Extend formal internship invitation. 
  • Coordinate with the student intern in completing the J-1 Student Intern application materials, gathering all required supplemental documentation, and submitting to ISSS in a timely manner. Please do so at least 1.5 months prior to the requested internship start date.

ISSS does not charge the hosting department or student intern for any J-1 Student Intern Program services. Nonetheless, the hosting department may be responsible for shipping fees.

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Immigration Steps

ISSS will utilize the complete J-1 Student Intern Application, and required supplemental materials and documents, to prepare the student intern’s DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Student Intern (J-1) Status) and DS-7002 (Training/Internship Placement Plan). The DS-2019 permits the student intern to request a J-1 visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate he/she is nearest to. The DS-7002 outlines the internship activities. ISSS will distribute the DS-2019 and DS-7002 to the student intern.

I-901 SEVIS Fee

The student intern must pay the I-901 SEVIS fee to the U.S. government prior to the J-1 visa interview. Utilize the DS-2019 information to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee.

J-1 Visa

To request a J-1 visa, complete Form DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application).

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