Application Process

Prospective Student Intern

  1. Review the Student Intern Requirements to determine if you are eligible to be sponsored for a J-1 student intern visa.
  2. Establish contact with a UO academic department that most closely matches your field of study and reach an agreement with a faculty member to supervise you for a research project or internship. You must have a sponsoring UO faculty member and academic department willing to host your stay.

UO Department

  1. Contact Becky Megerssa, International Student & Scholar Services in the Office of International Affairs, for an initial eligibility review of a potential applicant and to request an application packet.
  2. UO Department conducts an interview with the applicant to determine if his/her English language proficiency is adequate. Or, the applicant may submit an English test score for review.
  3. UO Department compiles required documents from the applicant and faculty member and submits the completed application packet to Becky via email or campus mail. This includes a draft (no signatures) of the Training/Internship Placement Plan (TIPP).
  4. The TIPP is reviewed by Becky to ensure compliance with J-1 regulations. Edits may be requested.
  5. Once application is complete and the TIPP is finalized, Becky issues Form DS-2019 (visa document) and Form DS-7002 (TIPP) in SEVIS and delivers a Visa Documents Packet to the UO Department.
  6. UO Faculty Advisor signs DS-7002 (TIPP).
  7. UO Department sends Visa Documents Packet to applicant.
  8. Applicant signs DS-2019 and DS-7002 and schedules a J-1 visa appointment at the nearest US embassy or consulate.



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