Pre-Arrival Checklist

Submit your intent to register form (Fall Term Only)

Undergraduate Students: To accept our offer of admission, use your UO ID and PAC (Personal Access Code) to log in to Duckweb and submit the online Intent to Register. You received your temporary PAC by mail when you submitted your application for admission. You will also receive your temporary PAC in your letter of acceptance. Once you log in to Duckweb, you will be prompted to update your PAC with a new password. 

If your letter of acceptance does not include your original PAC, or you forgot it, you can reset your PAC online.

Graduate Students: Each Graduate program requires different procedures for informing the program of you intent to enroll. Please contact them directly for further information.

Reset PAC

How to Get Help


Claim your Duck ID (UO Email Account)

DuckID is your UO email account and will be required to log in to UO email, WiFi, Canvas and many other departmental portals that require a DuckID login. To claim your DuckID, go to Claim Your Duck ID. For additional help in claiming your DuckID, click here.

Claim Duck ID

How to Get Help


Complete the required online orientation

All students must complete this pre-arrival training course. If you are in China, please use the second button below to view the online orientation. If you have any technical issues while completing the training please email


Complete online testing (Fall Term ONLY)

AEIS Testing will happen during ISO for winter, spring and summer terms.

Undergraduate students All new students must complete the Academic English for International Students (AEIS) Placement Test online before arriving in Eugene. If you do not complete the AEIS placement test, you will not be allowed to register for classes. Check your UO e-mail to stay updated on the testing process.

For students required to take the Math Placement Test, you will be notified by the UO directly. For more information on the Math Placement Test, go here

Graduate Students: Placement testing is not required for MOST graduate students. Make sure you understand all your program requirements by communicating with your academic department. 

Exchange Students: Placement testing is not required.

Testing Center


Submit Proof of Immunizations/Vaccines

You are required to submit records of mandatory immunization (vaccines) and a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire before you can register for classes. Please complete the following tasks before arrival to the U.S.

  1. Get your mandatory vaccines in your home country before entering the U.S. Click here for required vaccines and proof of immunization required.
  2. Enter the dates of your completed vaccines to myUOHealth Student Portal using your UO email (Duck ID).
  3. Upload your vaccine record from your doctor or ask your doctor to complete the UO Certificate of Immunization Status form and upload to myUOHealth Student Portal.
  4. Complete the “Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire” in myUOHealth Student Portal. If you are at a higher risk of TB, you will be notified of further instructions.

If you cannot complete all the required vaccines in your home country prior to arrival, you will be required to get the vaccines during International Student Orientation and will be charged accordingly. We strongly recommend you complete all vaccines prior to arrival. 
If you have questions about immunizations, you can email



Submit Insurance Compliance Form and Review the UO Student Health Benefits Plan

Review the International Student Health Insurance Requirements and the International Student Health Benefits Plan carefully. You will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Benefits Plan unless you request to waive out of the student plan. You must complete one of the following or you will not be able to register for classes:

  1. Complete the Insurance Compliance Form through myUOHealthStudentPortal
  2. If you intend to request a waiver from the University health insurance plan, submit a Waiver Request of the Student Health Benefits Plan if you meet the waiver criteria

Pay attention to dates of insurance coverage and deadlines. You might arrive in the US before health insurance begins. Consider purchasing a travel policy to cover the dates prior to the start of coverage.

International Graduate Employees Only:  Students with a graduate employee appointment (GE) are eligible to enroll in the GTFF health insurance plan. For more information contact

If you have questions about health insurance, you can email



Plan for International Student Orientation (ISO)

  • Visit the ISO website for dates. Plan to arrive a few days early to adjust to the timezone.
  • Check your email: Three months before ISO, you will receive emails from with instructions on how to sign up and other things you need to do.
  • Graduate students: You are expected to attend ISO when it does not conflict with your Graduate School Orientation events.
  • Portland Students: you are not required to come to Eugene for international student orientation. A separate international orientation will be held in