J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

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J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

The University of Oregon's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program is intended for citizens of a foreign country who are approved to participate in a work-and/or-study-based exchange for mutual intellectual and cross-cultural enrichment. 


Sponsorship Categories

Sponsorship via the UO J-1 Exchange Visitor Program includes the following categories:

J-1 Exchange Visitor Category

Minimum Duration of Participation

Maximum Duration of Participation



3 weeks

5 years

Teach, lecture, observe, or consult; may conduct research.

Research Scholar

3 weeks

5 years

Conduct research, observe, or consult in connection with a research project. May also teach or lecture where authorized.

Short-Term Scholar


6 months

Lecture, observe, consult, train, or demonstrate special skills.


3 weeks

1 year

Observe, consult, or demonstrate special knowledge or skills.

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Eligibility Overview

UO Appointment

The exchange visitor must be eligible for, and accepted into, the program their will participate in via the UO’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Participation in the program must be suitable to the exchange visitor's background, needs, and experience. Eligibility to participate in the UO’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program requires that the exchange visitor be offered one of the following by the hosting UO department:

    • Postdoctoral classification work contract
    • Pro Tempore classification work contract
    • Visiting classification work contract
    • Courtesy appointment

NOTE: J-1 sponsorship is solely for temporary work-and/or-study-based exchanges. Career, tenure, tenure-track, or other permanent employment positions are not eligible for J-1 sponsorship.

Contact Human Resources for information regarding contract and courtesy appointment requests.

English Language Proficiency

The exchange visitor must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to successfully participate in his/her program and to function on a day-to-day basis. Per the Department of State’s regulations, eligibility for the J-1 Exchange Visitor program requires evidence of one of the following objective measurement methods:

  • Recognized English language test:
    • English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT or TOEFL iBT Home Edition) minimum score of 88
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) minimum score of 7.0
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an academic institution in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.
  • Documented interview conducted by the hosting academic department: English Language Proficiency

Pursuant to the Department of State’s regulations, evidence of the exchange visitor’s English language proficiency must be retained so that it may be made available to the Department [of State] upon request. This documentation will be kept with the exchange visitor’s file in the Division of Global Engagement.

Adequate Financial Requirements

In accordance with federal regulations, the exchange visitor must possess adequate financial resources to participate in and complete his/her exchange visitor program. The exchange visitor must also possess adequate financial resources to support accompanying spouses and dependent children, if any.

Minimum financial requirements:

  • J-1 Exchange Visitor: $1,850/month, or $22,200/year
  • J-2 Dependents:
    • Spouse: additional $1,550/month or $18,600/year
    • Each J-2 Child under the age of 21 years old: additional $550/month or $6,600/year

Financial information must be kept up to date throughout the exchange visitor's program.

Additional Requirements

  • The exchange visitor must possess a bachelor's degree or higher by the commencement of their J-1 program.

The exchange visitor must not be subject to J-1/J-2 bars or limitations.

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Bars/Limitations for J-1/J-2 Exchange Visitors

12-Month Bar

The exchange visitor is not eligible to participate in the professor/research scholar J-1 category if he/she has held any J nonimmigrant status within the 12-month period immediately preceding the start of his/her UO exchange program. The 12-Month Bar also applies to J-2 dependents. The following 3 exceptions exist:

    • Exchange visitor transfers his/her J-1 program to the UO without any break or gap in their program.
    • Exchange visitor’s previous J-1/J-2 physical presence in the US was less than 6 months.
    • Exchange Visitor will pursue a J-1 program at the UO for less than 6 months and under the ‘Short-Term Scholar’ J category.

24-Month Bar

The exchange visitor that participates in the UO J-1 Exchange Visitor Program as a Professor or Research Scholar becomes subject to a 24-month bar on “repeat participation” in these categories after completing his/her program. The 24-month bar on repeat participation does not require the individual to reside in his or her home country as does the INA 212(e) 2-year home country physical presence requirement.

INA 212(e) 2-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement

The exchange visitor may be subject to the 212(e) home country physical presence requirement if he/she receives funding for their J-1 program from his/her home country government or the US government, or whose skills are on his/her home country’s Skill List. If subject, the exchange visitor must fulfill the 212(e) home country physical presence requirement, or receive official waiver of the 212(e) home country physical presence requirement, before being eligible for certain immigration benefits. For more information, click here.

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Application Guidelines and Procedures

Visiting Scholar Responsibilities

As part of the application process, the following documentation will be requested by ISSS:

  • Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States.
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Financial Documentation and/or UO contract
    • NOTE: if financial documentation is not in English, please provide a brief English translation highlighting the document date, type of funding (savings, checking) and total funding available.
  • Proof of English language proficiency [link to redirect to English Language Proficiency?]
  • If already in J-1 status at another institution of higher education, submit completed Transfer-In Form

Hosting Department Responsibilities

The hosting department is required to assist the visiting scholar with general UO onboarding procedures. Responsibilities include assisting the visiting scholar in obtaining their UO credentials (i.e., UO ID and Duck ID), providing onboarding resources and support, and assisting the visiting scholar with other institutional needs. Additionally, the hosting department is responsible for providing the visiting scholar with a workspace and direct supervision of his/her research and/or professional activities at the UO. Please note that the visiting scholar must actively pursue his/her J-1 objectives on an in-person, ‘full-time’ capacity and the hosting department is responsible for ensuring that the visiting scholar’s J-1 program is advancing at a successful progression.

The department should set expectations of the program’s nature, department’s collaborative needs, and visiting scholar’s duties and responsibilities upon his/her arrival. If the visiting scholar leaves their J-1 program early, does not meet satisfactory program advancement, or makes any changes to the terms of their previously approved program, the department must notify ISSS immediately.

  • Ascertain that the visiting scholar has appropriate academic credentials (including English language proficiency) to be appointed to and benefit from his/her J-1 program at the UO.
  • Extend formal invitation to the UO: offer the visiting scholar a contract or courtesy appointment.  
  • Complete the J-1 Scholar Application in conjunction with the visiting scholar and submit to ISSS, along with all required documentation, at least 3 months prior to the J-1 program’s requested start date.


Beginning July 1, 2023, J-1 exchange visitors may participate remotely no more than 40% of their J-1 program (e.g., two out of five days per week) ISSS must be notified if the visiting scholar plans to participate in a hybrid schedule.

ISSS does not charge the hosting department or visiting scholar for any J-1 Exchange Visitor Program services. Nonetheless, the hosting department may be responsible for shipping fees.

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Immigration Steps

ISSS will utilize the complete J-1 Scholar Application, and required supplemental documents, to prepare the visiting scholar’s DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status). The DS-2019 permits the visiting scholar to request an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate he/she is nearest to obtain a J-1 visa to enter the United States. ISSS will distribute the DS-2019 to the visiting scholar.

I-901 SEVIS Fee

The visiting scholar must pay a $220 I-901 SEVIS fee to the U.S. government prior to the J-1 visa interview. Utilize the DS-2019 information to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee.

J-1 Visa

To apply for the J-1 visa, complete Form DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application).

Other Resourses

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