International Student Orientation (ISO)

International Student Orientation (ISO) is required for all new international students each term. During ISO, students will meet the International Student Services staff, learn about campus policies and resources, immigration rules, register for classes (undergraduate students only) and prepare to be a successful student.  

ISO Dates - Required Attendance

Undergraduate students are required to pre-register for the ISO. (Graduate students and exchange students do not register for ISO).

Refer to the table below for when you can Pre-Register for ISO based on your admission term. To register, click on the link below. ATTENTION: Undergraduate students admitted for fall 2020 must first submit the Intent to Register Form before you can register for ISO.


 ISO Dates

 Pre-Register for ISO

 Winter 2020

 Jan 2-3

 Beginning Oct. 1

 Spring 2020

 March 26-27

 Beginning Jan. 6

 Summer 2020

 June 18-19

 Beginning March 30

 Fall 2020

 Sept 16-22

 Beginning May 1

ISO Schedule

The orientation schedule for each term will be posted two (2) weeks before the start of ISO. Orientation lasts until the official first day of classes, so you can expect to be busy with activities every day. Please do not schedule other appointments during ISO as most sessions are required to attend.



Plan your flight itinerary to arrive and get settled in before the start of ISO. If you need temporary housing before you move into your permanent housing, you can sign up for the short-term homestay program. For more information, go to Friendship Foundation for International Students. For hotels near the UO campus, go to Eugene Visitor Center.