International Cultural Service Program (ICSP)

ICSP students provide valuable cross-cultural exchange opportunities for our university and the local community. This program is vital to our mission of global education and we will continue to prioritize the program, regardless of budgetary setbacks.

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Learn more about how ICSP works with the Eugene/Springfield community.

Who?  Multi-talented, enthusiastic and specially trained University of Oregon international students.

What? Share their culture with Eugene-Springfield schools and community groups. Give talks, presentations, panel discussions and performances, or work with song, dance, crafts and games.

When? During UO fall, winter and spring terms, for the past 35 years.

Where? Schools, culture societies, senior citizen residences, UO campus, religious institutions, scouts and after school clubs — wherever you are!

Why? Cross-cultural exchange and educational service to the community. ICSP is a valuable, free resource for educators and anyone in the community to experience the real, human side of international learning.

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"The community has an incredible opportunity to better understand issues of diversity and multi-culturalism. We are reaching the children, but the adults who attend are also learning a lot as well."

—Esther Moberg, ICSP Requester