International Cultural Service Program (ICSP)

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International Cultural Service Program (ICSP)

ICSP is a unique program where student recipients provide valuable cross-cultural exchange opportunities for our university and the local community. This program is vital to our mission of global education.

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ICSP Scholarship

New and continuing international students may apply for the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP). Selected ICSP students are granted a partial tuition-waiver scholarship that is renewable annually until the completion of a UO degree, contingent upon fulfilling ICSP program requirements. Participants commit to completing 66-80 hours of cultural service per year, which may involve speaking or demonstrating aspects of their country's heritage and culture to schools or community groups, or engaging in international campus events.

Application Deadline: February 16, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. (PST)

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ICSP students are multi-talented, enthusiastic and eager to share their cultures and stories with U.S. audiences. All students are trained to make powerful public presentations to diverse audiences.

Campus and community members can request an ICSP student for a presentation, panel discussion, performance, or other type of events. Please place the request at least 2 weeks in advance using your work email address. We appreciate the collaboration with you! Any questions, please email


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Current Members

Student, Aurelien, from Lome, TOGO

Aurélien Kossi Daglo-Agbodo

Lomé, TOGO

Major: Business Administration and Management 
Languages: Ewe, French & English
Interests: Writing and reading French poetry, watching anime and docu-series, learning more about history and philosophy, watching sport contents, basketball, soccer and football, painting.
Student, Derrick Onyiego, from Nairobi, Kenya

Derrick Onyiego

Nairobi, Kenya

Major: Communications
Languages: English and Kiswahili 
Interests: Bike riding, watching, playing soccer and basketball.
Nkongolo Mulunda Elumba

Nkongolo (Enoch) Mulunda Elumba

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Chiba, Japan

Major: Computer Science
Languages: Japanese, English, and Kiswahili
Interests: Basketball, puzzles, foreign languages, cooking, and playing instruments
Student, Erick, speaking on a stage

Erick Munene Njue (Honorable Member)

Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Major:PhD in Special Education
Languages: Kikuyu(native), Kiembu, Kiswahili, Sheng, and English
Interests: Linguistics, education, culture, sports, movies, and music
Student, Favour, from Kenya

Favour Fatmata Foday

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Major: Biochemistry
Languages: Mende, Krio, and English
Interests: Poetry, global issues, soccer/football, comedy, inductive arguments, music, cooking, and celestial bodies
Student, Nikhar, from South Africa

Nikhar Ramlakhan

Johannesburg, South Africa

Major: Computer Science
Languages: English
Interests: Soccer, cooking, mixology, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and trading

Maria Soto

María Soto Cuesta

Caracas, Venezuela

Major: Biochemistry
Languages: Spanish and English
Interests: Reading, baking, skateboarding, playing golf and volleyball, and science
Anna De Sanctis

Anna (Annita) De Sanctis

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. For two years I lived in La Paz, Bolivia.

Major: Business Administration
Languages: Spanish is my native language and I learned English last year
Bee Arredondo Durán

Mariana (Bee) Arredondo Durán

León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Major: Art and Technology
Languages: English and Spanish
Interests: Art, film, music, Mexican history, food, languages, storytelling, politics, and human rights

Giancarlo Penalba

Managua, Nicaragua

Major: Art & Technology
Languages: Spanish & English
Interests: Drawing, playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, daydreaming, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and keeping a dream journal
Student, Sebastian, from Chile

Sebastian Ibanez Sanhueza

Chillan, Chile

Major: Human physiology 
Languages: Spanish and English
Interests: Contemporary dance, yoga, listening to music, reading novels and thrillers, hiking and hanging out with friends 
Student, Nathan, from Canada

Nathan Hannon

Penticton, Canada

Major: Business Administration
Languages: English
Interests: Hockey, golf, watching Netflix, photography, and biking



Batjargal (Chris) Batgerel

Batjargal (Chris) Batgerel

Mongolia and previously Russia

Major: Computer Science
Languages: English, Russian and Mongolian
Interests: Basketball and physical training such as the gym
Roger Cheng

Chi en Roger Cheng

Taipei, Taiwan

Majors: Business, Data Science
Languages: Chinese, Taiwanese, and English
Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, snowboarding, football, basketball, badminton, weightlifting, movies, traveling, environmental issues, different cultures, and business
Suk Bahadur Gurung

Suk (Suko) Bahadur Gurung

Gorkha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Major: Computer and Information Science
Languages: Nepali, English and Hindi
Interests: Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, social intelligence, cross cultural experience, photography and videography, and outdoor activities 
Student, Bibi, from Pakistan

Bibi Halima

Attock, Pakistan
Major: Language teaching studies, Linguistics
Languages: Punjabi, Urdo/Hindi, English, Arabic
Interests: Multilingualism, Language Revitalization, World Englishes, Postcolonial literature, volunteering, writing, storytelling, handicrafts  
Student, Muhammad, from Pakistan

Muhammad Sohaib

Mansehra, Pakistan

Major: English Literature and Applied Linguistics, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant
Languages: Urdu, English, Hindkoh, Punjabi, Pashto. 
Interests: ELT, Traveling, Sports, Blind Cricket, Hiking, Trekking, Outdoor activities, Social Work etc.
Waku Komiya

Waku Komiya

Tokyo, Japan

Major: Media Studies
Languages: Japanese and English
Interests: Sports and learning new things about language and culture
Student, Gayatri, from India

Gayatri Misra

Roorkee, India

Major: Architecture (CHC)
Languages: English and Hindi
Interests: Playing guitar and keyboard, sketching, painting, dancing, singing, experimenting with gadgets, and creating layouts for different varieties of indoor and outdoor settings. 
Naing Naing (Warren) Oo

Naing Naing (Warren) Oo

Mandalay, Myanmar

Majors: Finance, Business Administration
Languages: Burmese, Mandarin, English
Interests: Basketball, NBA, cooking, playing guitar, and exploring new things about the world.
Tenzin Tseten
Nainital, India and Lhasa, Tibet
Major: Human Physiology
Languages: English, Tibetan and Hindi
Interests: Music, Tibetan Buddhism, conspiracy theories, movies, karaoke, fashion and human rights issues in Tibet. 
tingling zong
Yinglong Zong
Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Major: Communication Disorders and Science
Languages: Mandarin and English
Interests: Playing games and fixing things. Music and language are two elements that catch my curiosity when it comes to sounds. 
Student, Junqi, from China
Junqi Li
Guangzhou, China
Major: Business Administration
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English
Interests: Traveling, exploring different cuisines and food, watching movies and documentaries, and exercising



Grigorii Malakhov

Kaluga, Russia and Warsaw, Poland

Major: Theater Arts
Languages: English, Italian, and Russian
Interests: Performing arts, musical theatre, museum education, and cultural exchange

Murad Mikayilzade

Baku, Azerbaijan

Major: Computer and Information Science
Languages: Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, and Russian
Interests: Innovation and entrepreneurship, future technology and humanity, life on Mars, different cultures and religions, politics, diplomacy, and world history
jess simpson

Jessica Simpson

Manchester, England

Major: Media Studies and Cinema Studies
Language: English
Interests: Watching and playing sports, boxing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, watching movies, playing music and playing video games
Student, Masca, from Turkiye

Esma Masca

Ankara, Turkiye

Major: Foreign Language Education
Language: English and Turkish
Interests: Languages, cooking, painting, writing, traveling, scuba diving, volunteering, meditation
Student, Ines, from Portugal

Inês Catarin

Lisbon, Portugal

Major: Language Teaching Studies, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Interests: Traveling, Learning new skills, listening to music and podcasts, watching series and films, reading
Student, Lilian, from Germany

Lilian Liang

Stuttgart, Germany

Major: Psychology
Languages: German, English, French, Mandarin
Interests: Gymnastics, traveling and exploring new places, going on outdoor adventures, skiing, spending quality time with friends, learning more about psychology, journaling 
student, Mert, from Turkiye

Mert Yapucuoglu (Honorable Member)

Istanbul, Turkiye

Major: Computer and Information Science
Language: English and Turkish
Interests: Istanbul, Turkish language, education system, food, theatre, community involvement, and American high school in Turkiye


middle east
Kesma, a student from Egypt

Kesma Elzanaty

Giza, Egypt

Major: English Language Literature
Languages: Arabic and English
Interests: Music, sports, fashion
Student, Amira, from Egypt

Amira Ghazy

Alexandria, Egypt

Major: Language Teaching Studies
Languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Turkish
Interests: Literature, theatre, teaching, public speaking, reading, traveling, cooking
Student, Kerlos, from Egypt

Kerlos (Kero) Rizk

Alexandria, Egypt

Major: Business Administration, Finance
Languages: Arabic and English
Interests: Entrepreneurship, economics, business, reading books, music, exercising, trying new foods, cultural exchange, and watching movies.




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Welcome to the University of Oregon
Claire K. Wiles, North Eugene High School
I began my career in education 25 years ago as a student teacher at North Eugene High School. My cooperating teacher left me a textbook, a few ideas for assignments, and contact information for ICSP at the University of Oregon. I was so inspired by the idea of literally bringing the world into my classroom, I designed a unit for my global studies curriculum around the ICSP students. A quarter of a century later, thousands of students from North Eugene High School have spent part of their freshman year learning about the world through the eyes of ICSP students. We have recently held an alumni event to mark the end of our campus at 200 Silver Lane (we now have a new campus at 250 Silver Lane). As former students strolled the halls, hey all poked their heads into my classroom and demanded to know if I still did "the cool project with the international students" because it had inspired in them a profound curiosity about the world.My students begin the unit sifting through sources, working to understand the geography, culture, and history of their assigned country. They dutifully complete assignments and occasionally call me over to share some interesting idea or picture, but they remain relatively uninspired until... The day the ICSP students arrive and they get to ask their thousands of questions, see artifacts from the country, laugh at shared stories, and understand the shared human experience of this world. I can't imagine trying to teach my students about the world without ICSP. Thank you!

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Advisory Board

An ICSP advisory board is a volunteer group formed to advise and support the ICSP program at the University of Oregon. As a group of experienced professionals in higher education, advising, and many other fields around the community, the advisory board will be able to offer valuable advice to ICSP program. Members of the advisory board serve in their individual capacity for a fixed term of two years, with the possibility of renewal. Current board members include:

  • Peter Briggs- UO ICSP founder; Director Emeritus, Office for International Students and Scholars, Michigan State University
  • Jean Campbell- UO ICSP founder
  • Paolo Daniele- Director, Professional Development and Career Preparation, Division of Graduate Studies, UO
  • Dennis Galvan- Dean and Vice Provost, Division of Global Engagement
  • Harinder Kaur Khalsa- Romance Languages, Yamada Language Center, UO
  • Kevin McDowell-Japanese and History, UO library
  • Bil Morrill- Assistant Director, Tykeson College & Career Advising, UO
  • Maylian Pak- Director, Oregon Community Foundation
  • Yizhao Yang- Associate Professor, School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management, UO

Peter Briggs
Peter Briggs
Peter Briggs, now retired as Director Emeritus of the Office for International Students and Scholars at Michigan State University, devoted forty years to the field of international education.  Among his accomplishments during his twenty years at the University of Oregon, he founded and directed the UO’s International Cultural Service Program and he started the popular weekly Friday International Coffee Hour.  He played a number of leadership roles in NAFSA: Association of International Educators and was awarded the Homer Higbee Award for service to the association.  Upon retirement, he was honored with Life Membership.
Dr. Jean Campbell
Dr. Jean Campbell
Jean Campbell grew up in Southern California and received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from UC-Santa Barbara. A former teacher, she earned a UO Master's in Education and Ph.D. in a combined Anthropology/Education program.  As the first ICSP graduate fellow, she assisted the Director in early implementation and wrote her dissertation on IICSP.  Jean co-directed the UO’s federally-funded Global Education Project that focused on study abroad returnees.Jean was the first Education Director of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Fot13 years, she was Associate Director of Portland State University’s Middle East Studies Center. She was a trainer on a project to improve education of rural Egyptian girls.  She has been the External Evaluator on diverse projects such as: Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies’ Outreach Program, and activities of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson, Mississippi. Jean has taught UO and PSU courses in International Studies, Education, and Anthropology, has received grants, and held leadership positions:  President of the national Middle East Outreach Council, receiving its Lifetime Achievement Award; Chair of NAFSA: Association of International Educators’ Region I NAFSAn of the Year, President of the Oregon Council for the Social Studies, and co-founder of the American Research Center in Egypt/Oregon Chapter. Other activities: studying Arabic and teaching English at the American University in Cairo, a Fulbright group trip to Jordan, and an internship in Sapporo, Japan.
Paolo Daniele
Paolo Daniele
Originally from Turin, Italy, but with proud Filipino heritage, Paolo Daniele has international travel and education as part of his DNA. At the University of Oregon, he works as Director of Professional Development and Career Preparation for the Division of Graduate Studies. Previously, he managed Fulbright, exchange, visiting, short-term programs and inbound internships, while serving as an international student advisor. Prior to his green life in Oregon, Paolo enjoyed working at UCLA's Graduate Division and then as program manager for UCSF's innovative QB3 Institute. He earned an MPA focused on international education from CSULB, and BA degrees in Political Science and Italian/French Lit. Special Fields from UCLA. As a JET Programme alumnus, he enjoys promoting socio-cultural and relational programming efforts with Japan.Paolo is currently very active with NAFSA – Association of International Educators as a Consular Affairs Liaison with the Consulate of Italy in San Francisco; as a Trainer Corps member by co-leading Non-Resident Alien Tax, F-1 and J-1 workshops; and as the Advocacy Representative for the Pacific Northwest states and territories. He is currently focusing his presentation topics on internships abroad, and regularly provides advice on jumpstarting socially integrative non-degree and internship programs in the U.S.
Portait of Dennis Galvan
Dennis Galvan
Dean and Vice Provost of the Division of Global Engagement
Dennis C. Galvan is Professor of Political Science and International Studies and Vice Provost for International Affairs at the University of Oregon. Professor Galvan received his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1996 and his B.A. from Stanford in 1987. He has has conducted field research since 1988 in a cluster of thirty villages in rural Senegal, and has conducted comparative field research in Central Java, Indonesia, since 1999. His published work examines everyday institutional change, peasant adaptation of property regimes, social capital and democratization, sustainable development, ethnic relations, and grass-roots patterns of nation-building. He is finishing a new book, Everyday Nation Building, which looks at ordinary life ethic and religious cooperation in Senegal and Indonesia. For more information visit Professor Galvan's faculty site.
Kevin McDowell
Kevin McDowell
Subject Specialist for Japanese Studies and History
Education: M.A., Library and Information Science, University of Arizona (2003); M.A., Japanese History, University of British Columbia (2002); B.A., University of Oregon, History (1992) 
Academic experience: Japanese Studies Librarian, University of Oregon (2012-present); Japanese Studies Librarian, University of Colorado, (2009-2012) 
Overseas experience: 10 years in Japan  
Bil Morill with the Oregon Duck
Bil Morill
Bil is the Assistant Director in the Tykeson College & Career Advising office.  He has worked at the University of Oregon for 20 years and received his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and his Masters of Science in Counseling both from the University of Oregon. In his free time, you'll find him backstage at Cottage Theatre or traveling with his wife.  

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