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Carlos Teaching

Carlos Castro from Nicaragua, graduated 1994

Lian Yongzhang from China, 1993

Group photo with Peter Briggs, early 1990s

ICSP Pioneers: First Cohort, 1983


group of international students at a 20 year reunion

Group photo from ICSP 20 year reunion

ICSP performing at Eugene Asian Celebration Festival, 2011-2012

ICSP performing at Eugene Asian Celebration Festival, 2011-2012

Group Photo from ICSP 2017 Reunion Banquet

Group Photo from ICSP 2017 Reunion Banquet

Group Photo from 2022-23 ICSP first Saturday Meeting

Group Photo from 2022-23 ICSP first Saturday Meeting


Alumni Testimonials

"I credit the ICSP for giving me the opportunity to come to this country and enable to pursue my Masters here and then create a life for myself here. I have never forgotten that and I would like to give back to help others like me that can have the same opportunity through this wonderful program."
- Sanjeev, India, 1990
“The idea behind ICSP is pure ingenious: how best to network and familiarize people than allowing them to share with each other about their lives? ICSP concept continues to contribute in its own way to a world by preparing every person who interact with ICSPers. ICSPers are also much better for it because of those interaction. Forever indebted.” 
Cleven, Tanzania, 1996
“With the current events unfolding, I feel particularly blessed to be in this community. It empowers me and gives me courage every day. ICSP is more than a program for me, it is a family, and I know my family will always be there for me.” 
Dristi, Nepal, 2017


“ICSP has undoubtedly changed my life! During my freshman year — prior to joining the program and transferring to UO — I worked at a fast-food restaurant while taking classes to afford my living costs. ICSP’s financial support has enabled me to not only focus on my courses, but to achieve things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of otherwise. Through ICSP, I got to make friends from all over the world and interact with the local community multiple times. ICSP is an invaluable program — crucial to the University as it promotes and encourages diversity like no other.” 
-Octavio E. Lima, Former ICSP Student from Brazil (2022 Grad)  
“I am privileged to have presented to different groups in Eugene-Springfield Community. Through this I am conscious of the sense of belonging to my culture because of the appreciation and joy that my audience showed. I never appreciated culture more than I did the past one year. My best moments were having people join me for Múgiithi (train) dance at different events I presented. I cannot count how many people said how good it was!”
-Erick Njue, Former ICSP Student from Kenya (2023) 
“ICSP is the reason I got to pursue a higher education in the U.S. It is not only a culturally rich and diverse scholarship program, but also a community of international students finding a new home. ICSP allowed me to enhance my knowledge of other cultures and reconnect with my culture, values and traditions. I developed professionally with presentations and projects and built many meaningful connections along the way. I will always be grateful to this program. ICSP and its community are something I hold very dear to my heart.”
-Shreya Silori, Former ICSP Student from India (2022 Grad)

Aerial of Campus
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