Reduced Course Load Exemptions

F-1 student visa regulations require F-1 students to study full-time each term. ‘Full-time’ means 12 credits per term for undergraduate students and 9 credits per term for graduate students. Exceptions to the full-time requirement must be approved by an international student advisor except where noted. You can request permission to take a reduced course load of less than 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits by filling out a reduced course load form at the beginning of the term. You must be enrolled for a full course load unless your reduced course load request has been approved by an international student advisor. 

Requires Online Request

To request a reduced course load, login to iConnect and complete the eForm for the reason you wish to drop below full-time enrollment.

Final Term of StudyAvailable only if a full course load is not needed the final term to complete degree requirements.
Concurrent EnrollmentAvailable to students planning to enroll part-time at Lane Community College or another school in addition to taking UO classes. A minimum of 6 UO credits is required.
Thesis or DissertationAvailable to graduate students who have completed all course work requirements but will be enrolled in a minimum of 3 thesis/dissertation credits while they complete their research and degree requirements.
Vacation TermAvailable to students who have enrolled full-time for three or more terms and would like to take a vacation term during the fall, winter or spring terms. Summer term is considered a default vacation term which does not require RCL approval. 

Requires Meeting with an International Student Advisor

Initial Academic Difficulties

Available only to first year students and can only be granted one time.

Medical leave

Available to students who have been recommended by a medical professional to take a term off or enrolled in a reduced course load due to an illness or medical condition. For more information please read this PDF iconMedical RCL Guide.