Reduced Course Load Options

F-1 immigration regulations require students to enroll full-time each term. Full-time enrollment is a minimum of 12 credits per term for undergraduate students and a minimum of 9 credits per term for graduate students. Exceptions to the full-time enrollment requirement must be approved by an international student advisor. 

Requires Online Request

To request a drop below full time enrollment (reduced course load), login to iConnect and complete the appropriate eForm.

Final Term of Study

Available only if a full course load is not needed the final term to complete degree requirements.


Concurrent Enrollment

Available to students planning to enroll part-time at Lane Community College or another school in addition to taking UO classes. A minimum of 6-8 UO credits is required except for the final term. Do not apply for admission to LCC. Instead, sign up to take part-time classes at LCC. For more information, go to


Thesis or Dissertation

Available to graduate students who have completed all course work requirements but will be enrolled in a minimum of 3 thesis/dissertation credits while they complete their research and degree requirements.


Vacation Term

Available to students who have enrolled full-time for three or more terms and would like to take a vacation term during the fall, winter or spring terms. Summer term is considered a default vacation term which does not require RCL approval. 

Requires Meeting with an International Student Advisor

To schedule a remote or in-person advising appointment, call 541-346-3206 or email,

Initial Academic Difficulties

Available only to first year students and can only be granted one time.

Medical leave

Available to students who have been recommended by a medical professional to take a term off or enrolled in a reduced course load due to an illness or medical condition. For more information please read this

File Medical RCL Guide .