Before arriving, you will need to submit your immunization records to the University of Oregon on your UO Health Portal.

The University of Oregon requires proof of measles (rubeola) and mumps immunity of all entering international students. Without this information you will NOT be able to register for your first term of classes.

Information on the International Student Immunization Requirements can be found here.

Download: Cover Letter for International Students 
Download: Immunization Statement for International Students – Measles and Mumps 
Link: Risks of Non-Immunization

Portal instructions for MMR vaccines

1. Log into the portal at, or go to and click on “my UO Health” student portal on the right under Resources.

2. Username is your Duck ID (email) without “” and password.

3. Click on “Immunization” then click on “Enter dates.”

4. Scroll down to enter the dates of your appropriate documentation. You can enter the date as (example) “02/10/1999” instead of searching the calendar for year, month, day.

5. Once you have entered the dates or blood test results scroll to the bottom to “Submit.”

6. You will need to upload an image into the portal of your immunization record (not compliant without documentation).

7. Click on “Upload.”

8. Choose “Immunization Record” or “Immunization Titer Results” depending on your documentation.

9. Click “Select File” and browse to find your image, or take a picture with your phone.

10. Click “Upload.”

Your document will appear at the bottom of the page under “Documents already on file.”

Enrollment Requirements