Transfer Out

You can request the transfer of your I-20 SEVIS record to another school if the following is true:
• You have maintained legal F1 status at the UO
• The start date at the new school is less than 5 months from your last day of attendance at the UO (or your last day of OPT employment)
• You have been admitted to the new school and can provide a copy of your letter of acceptance

To request the transfer of your I-20 SEVIS record, login to the iConnect Student Portal below and submit the I-20 Transfer Out Request eForm. You will need to upload either 1) the letter of acceptance to the new school, 2) the new school’s transfer in/transfer eligibility form, or 3) both. Final approval requires the letter of acceptance.

An ISSS advisor will confirm your transfer SEVIS release date so you can notify the new school. 

iConnect Student Portal