Reporting Your Arrival

Required Arrival Confirmation & U.S. Address Reporting

All new F-1 and J-1 international students sponsored by UO are required to confirm their arrival in the U.S. and provide their U.S. address and phone information in order to activate their SEVIS records.

After your arrival in the U.S., you must do the following:

  1. Log into with your DuckID and password and complete the "Arrival Confirmation" e-form.
    • You will report information about your entry to the U.S. and upload a copy of your I-94 Arrival Record.
  2. Update your U.S. Address and Phone Number in Duckweb.
    • You will provide your U.S. local address (Eugene/Springfield) and U.S. phone number. Temporary or short-term addresses are accepted.

What's my deadline to complete these steps?

You must report your arrival within 10 days of entering the U.S. This is a federal requirement of your visa status.

If you are having trouble completing this process, please contact ISSS at