Reporting Your Arrival

Before arrival, notify ISSS of your arrival plan:

1) Log into with your Duck ID and submit the “New Student Fall 2023 Plan” eform

After arrival, you must do the following:

  1. Log into with your DuckID and password and complete the "Arrival Confirmation" e-form.
    • You will report information about your entry to the U.S. and upload a copy of your I-94 Arrival Record.
  2. Update your U.S. Address and Phone Number in Duckweb.
    • You will provide your U.S. local address (Eugene/Springfield) and U.S. phone number. Temporary or short-term addresses are accepted.

What's my deadline to complete these steps?

You must report your arrival within 10 days of entering the U.S. This is a federal requirement of your visa status.

If you are having trouble completing this process, please contact ISSS at