New Initial I-20

If you have been advised by an ISSS advisor to request a new "initial" I-20, please follow the steps below. If you have not consulted with an ISSS advisor, send an email to, and an ISSS advisor can advise you based on your situation.

1.    Log into iConnect (international student portal) and submit the New Initial I-20 Request e-form. You will need to upload evidence of financial resources, scholarships or UO funding equal to one year of estimated expenses. For undergraduate students, the total estimated expense for one academic year is $68,188. For graduate students, please refer to Financial Documentation for Graduate Students

ISSS will verify your eligibility to re-enroll with the UO Office of the Registrar and the Business Office before issuing your new I-20. If there are any holds on your student account, these must be resolved before a new initial I-20 can be sent to you.

2.    Undergraduate Students: Check your registration priority time and then log into Duckweb to register for classes. If you have been away from the UO for four (4) or more terms, you must complete a Re-enrollment Application with the Office of the Registrar.

3.    Graduate Students: Please make sure you notify the Graduate School and your UO Department of your intent to return.