International Peer Mentor Program

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International Peer Mentor Program

New international students arriving for the first time in this country sometimes experience culture shock, homesickness and may find it hard to make friends or get involved with campus life. In response to these challenges, we have created a student-led program based on the concept of peer-to-peer mentoring. We have created a powerful peer mentorship program designed solely for new international students. Through relationship building, trust and empowerment Peer Mentors provide continuing support to new students, ease their transition into a new culture, help bridge cultural gaps, connect them to resources on and off campus and become a trustworthy friend. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare UO's international students to be global leaders through academic success, as well as cultural and social integration. This powerful peer mentor program places student development at its foundation. Through guided peer-to-peer mentoring, students empower each other to create community and feel connected to their new environment. This connectedness leads to better retention rates and overall student success.

What We Do:

  • Connect new international students to current UO students for social and academic support
  • Introduce new students to campus and community resources
  • Instill in all students a sense of confidence, awareness and empowerment
  • Promote social and cultural integration
  • Develop leadership skills in all students
  • Foster peer-to-peer mentor relationships among diverse students

How We Do It:

  • Connect new international freshmen with upper division UO students during ISO
  • Introduce opportunities for academic success, English language advancement, volunteering and interpersonal development
  • Set up weekly meetings between mentors and their new student groups to have fun and discuss resources on and off campus
  • Organize ALL-student meetings twice during each term to create community, share stories, and learn best practices for integration
  • Organize end-of-the-term party for ALL students to celebrate their success!