Apply for Degree

For undergraduate students, the deadline to apply for an undergraduate degree in Duckweb (online) is week 4 of the final term. If you miss this deadline, you must follow the steps below:

Late Add - moving the graduation application into the current term:

If you have missed the deadline to fill out the current term's graduation application in Duckweb, please complete the following actions.

  1. Apply to graduate via Duckweb for the next available term.
  2. Submit the Request Change to Graduation Application to make the request to move your degree application to the current term.

Pull your current graduation application:

If you have applied for a term that is sooner or later than when your requirements will be finished, please complete the following actions.

  1. Submit the Request Change to Graduation Application to make the request to pull your current degree application.
  2. Once the request is processed, please apply to graduate via Duckweb for the term in which you will have completed all requirements.


For graduate students, refer to the UO Graduate School's website for completing your graduate degree


Second Language Requirement for Graduation

To graduate with a BA degree, University of Oregon students need to show intermediate competency in one language other than English. This can be accomplished by completing at least the third term of the second year in a Second Language course taught in the language (203 or equivalent), with a grade of C– or better or P.

International undergraduate students may request a waiver of the second language requirement for graduation by one of two ways:

1. For students whose native language is not English: provide a final official high school transcript to the Office of the Registrar as evidence of formal training in the native language. The transcript must be in a sealed envelope and show that graduation has occurred. Attendance at a US high school disqualifies a student from receiving the BA Language waiver. The BA Language requirement will be fulfilled with the completion of WR 121 and either WR 122 OR 123 with grades of C- or better or a Pass.

2. Contact the Office of the Registrar if a final official high school transcript cannot be obtained in a timely manner. A Registrar specialist can refer you to the UO Testing Center or appropriate department on campus to show proficiency in a language. East Asian Languages and Literature consistently supports students from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea so that an official high school transcript is not needed.


UO Diploma

A UO diploma can be ordered through Duckweb. The UO will provide one free diploma to the mailing address provided by the student.  Diplomas are mailed through the US Postal Service which can take several weeks if the mailing address is outside the US.

Students can now order a diploma online. You will receive a secure ID when the diploma is mailed. With the secure ID you can order an eDiploma or a paper diploma. If you need to order additional copies (or your diploma was lost in the mail), please use the online store found here - Scroll down to "Order Diploma Replacements Online".  The link to the online store front is there.  You will have the option of ordering a paper diploma or an eDiploma (or both).

Once a diploma has been ordered, the office of the Registrar cannot change the address. You can change or add your diploma address in DuckWeb. If the diploma is returned to the UO the office of the Registrar will resend the diploma to the new address.

If you want to know when and where your diploma was mailed, you can log on to:

If additional assistance is needed, students can reach out via email to UODEGREE@UOREGON.EDU.