Emergency Financial Aid

Emergency financial aid is only available to currently enrolled UO international students. 

International Student & Scholar Services

1. Emergency Financial Aid

What is International Student Emergency Financial Aid (ISEFA)? 

  • ISEFA is for students who are having unexpected problems paying their UO tuition expenses 

  • ISEFA provides assistance with tuition (credits) only – it does not pay for non-tuition expenses such as fees, insurance, or living expenses 

  • ISEFA is an emergency fund used to help an existing, unpaid bill; it is available only after other resources are exhausted – if you do not owe tuition to the UO, ISEFA is not available to you 

  • ISEFA is not a scholarship program – aid is usually limited to one term 

In order to qualify for emergency financial aid, you must: 

  • Be a current University of Oregon student enrolled in a degree program 

  • Be making satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree requirements (minimum GPA of 2.0) 

  • Be in F or J non-immigrant visa status and ineligible to receive U.S. federal financial aid 

  • Be able to demonstrate financial need 

  • Be able to show unexpected changes in your financial circumstances that have negatively impacted your ability to pay for your tuition costs 

  • Be able to provide a realistic plan for paying future expenses 

What are the limitations to ISEFA? 

  • ISEFA is not ordinarily given to students who are still in the first year of their academic program 

  • ISEFA funds are very limited and there is no guarantee that every applicant will receive an award 

  • Demonstrated financial need is a required factor to be considered for emergency financial aid 

  • Awards, if given, are not renewable and are for a single term only. 

How to Apply 

Emergency financial aid applications are reviewed only once per term. The following process is used to decide financial aid awards: 

  1. Schedule an appointment and meet with an international student advisor to discuss your financial situation. You can schedule an appointment by calling 541-346-3206. Remote appointments are also available.  

  2. Submit the online EFA application no later than 5pm on Monday of Week 7 of the term in which you are requesting financial aid. 

The ISEFA committee will meet by the end of Week 7 of each term to make a decision on your application. You will be notified of the decision by email once the decision is made. If you are granted an award, the emergency aid will be credited to your UO student account within 3 business days after the decision is made. 

2. Severe Economic Hardship

This is a type of employment authorization for F-1 students suffering economic hardship due to “severe, unforeseen economic necessity.” Severe economic hardship employment allows off-campus employment up to twenty hours per week while school is in session, full-time (over 20 hours per week) during vacation periods. The off-campus employment can be in any area; the work does not have to be related to your major.

For more information, go to https://isss.uoregon.edu/severe-economic-hardship

3. Short-Term University Loans

The University of Oregon has limited funds available for short-term emergency loans to current University of Oregon international students. A typical loan is approximately $200 - $300 and must be repaid within 90 days. For more information, please schedule an appointment with an International Student Advisor by calling 541-346-3206 or email, intl@uoregon.edu.

Dean of Students

Student Crisis Fund

Division of Graduate Studies

Special Assistance Funds

Non Monetary Support

Text Books

Knight Library

  • Textbooks are on loan for 2-4 hours of time for students who want to save money on purchasing books. Check with the library for what books are available, but they typically stock the expensive books for large classes.
  • There are 24 hour lockers available for students to use in the library stairwell. The code is programed into the lockers for students to store their things for free.

Text Book Subsidy

To apply for a textbook subsidy each term, go to https://basicneeds.uoregon.edu.

Student Food Pantry

  • The Basic Needs program operates a student food pantry every week. Go to https://basicneeds.uoregon.edu.
  • Emergency Food Pantry System program provided by Food for Lane County. An individual showing up at a food pantry location needs to declare his/her name and show evidence of residence, such as an utility bill.

Dental Work

  • If the Health Center is unable to meet your dental needs and you need additional dental work done check out the White Bird Clinic or Lane Dental Clinic for low cost dental services.