Changing Visa Status

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Changing Visa Status

If you want to change the purpose of your stay in US, you must file a request with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on the appropriate form before your authorized stay expires.


In general, you may apply to change your nonimmigrant status if you were lawfully admitted to the US with a nonimmigrant visa, your nonimmigrant status remains valid, you have not violated the conditions of your status and you have not committed any crimes that would make you ineligible. Until you receive approval from USCIS, do not assume the status has been approved and do not change your activity in the United States.

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) can assist you with the change of visa status process for the following non-immigrant statuses:

  • If you are a UO student in F-1 status and need to change to F-2 dependent status
  • If you are in F-2 status and have been admitted to the UO and need to change to F-1 status
  • If you are in another nonimmigrant visa status (i.e. E2, L2, H4) and need to change to F-1 status before you turn 21 years of age

Please download the appropriate packet below, depending on your status, then schedule an appointment with an international student advisor.

Premium Processing Now Available if You Are Changing to F or J Status

Premium processing is now available if you have filed or are filing Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status to change your status to one of these student or exchange visitor statuses:

  • F-1 (academic students)
  • F-2 (spouses and children of F-1)
  • J-1 (exchange visitors)
  • J-2 (spouses and children of J-1)

Note: Even if USCIS accepts your premium processing request, it will not start the premium processing clock until you and all co-applicants on the Form I-539 have submitted biometrics.

How To Request Premium Processing

Submit the I-907 form online through your USCIC account or by paper.

  • You must submit Form I-907 the same way you submit Form I-539—either by submitting both online or by mailing both paper forms to USCIS.
  • ​​​​​​Do not file your Form I-907 and/or Form I-539 with another benefit request. USCIS may reject your form if you do so (including if you file multiple Forms I-907 together)
  • Remember to pay the Form I-907 filing fee separately from the Form I-539 filing fees. If you submit a single, combined fee payment for multiple forms, USCIS will reject your entire filing. The premium processing fee for these categories is $1,965. The Form I-539 filing fee is $370.