Prospective J-1 Scholars

How do I become a J-1 scholar?

Your first step in becoming a visiting scholar is to contact the UO academic department that most closely matches your area of specialty. Visiting scholars must have a sponsoring UO faculty member and academic department willing to host your stay. You should contact faculty with whom you have closely matched academic interests to determine if there is mutual interest.

How do I transfer my J record to the UO?

If you are currently on a J-1 program at another institution and are planning to transfer to the University of Oregon, please fill out J-Scholar Transfer-In Form and return it to International Affairs in addition to completing the steps listed above.

Questions? E-mail or (541) 346-3206 with questions.

After acceptance as a scholar, what are the next steps?

Once International Affairs receives a complete DS-2019 application, we will process a Form DS-2019 and arrange with your UO Academic Department to have it delivered to you. Once you receive the DS-2019, read the instructions enclosed with the form and proceed with your application for a J-1 visa.

J-1 Scholar Guide