New 1-Credit Course Planned for Fall, In-Person, No Tuition Cost

The UO is offering a fall term a one-credit, in-person course called “Success in Online Learning” for any new international student. Continuing students enrolled in the class will be shifted to remote enrollment by Friday, September 4. If continuing students want to stay in the class via in-person format, they should contact to request in-person enrollment.

This course will teach you online learning skills that are important for degree progression for every major, given how much we all rely on online forms of interaction and learning. There is no cost associated with this one-credit course (tuition is waived).

Please visit DuckWeb to enroll in UGST 399: Sp St Online Lrn Strat.


There are four sections for undergraduates:

CRNs 18207 and CRN 18208 are Remote versions UGST 399:

  • 18207 meets at the same time as 18021
  • 18208 meets at the same time at 18022

View the UGST syllabus.


There are two sections for graduates:

GRST 610 remote sections:

  • 18209 meets at the same time as 18019
  • 1820 meets at the same time as 18023

View the GRST syllabus.