H-1B Amendment Application

H-1B processing timeline:

  • DGE receives completed, signed department application and all required documents
  • 3 week DGE processing/preparation time to filing date of H-1B petition with USCIS
  • USCIS Premium processing: 15 day guaranteed processing time
  • USCIS Regular processing: 6+ month processing time (no guaranteed timeline)
  • 1-2 week mailing time for original approval notice to arrive at DGE*

*Please check with DGE to determine if USCIS approval is necessary prior to start date for material changes to position

Department Checklist:

  • Department H-1B Request Form 
  • Department Memorandum  (Sample Document)
  • Copy of HR approval document for position or changes
  • Copy of Position Description
  • One or two separate checks: 
  • $460 check to Department of Homeland Security (filing fee) 
  • OPTIONAL Premium processing fee of $2,500, payable to Department of Homeland Security (If the petition must be processed quickly - two week guaranteed processing time - by USCIS)

Employee Checklist:

  • H-1B Visa Prospective Employee Form
  • Copy of I-94 entry record
  • Copy of current visa sticker in passport
  • Copy of identity page of passport
  • Copy of diploma for highest degree earned
  • Copy of transcript for highest diploma
  • Copy of translation /evaluation of diploma and transcript for highest degree earned (if applicable)
  • Copy of résumé/CV
  • Two most recent pay statements
  • Previous I-797 H1B approval Notice(s)