H-1B Extension Application

Department Checklist

H-1B employment authorization is automatically extended for 240 days if the extension petition is filed prior to the current H-1B expiration date. If the employee is planning to travel outside the US and obtain a new H-1B visa, however, he or she must have the original approval notice in hand. Please e-mail ischolar@uoregon.edu with questions regarding H-1B extensions or employee travel. 

  • Department H-1B Request Form
  • Updated  Department Letter, signed by department head and on original department letterhead (H-1B-Sample-Memorandum-Extension)
  • Copy UO Employment Contract (if available)
  • $460 check to Department of Homeland Security (Application fee) 
  • OPTIONAL Premium processing fee of $2,500, payable to Department of Homeland Security (If the petition must be processed quickly - two week guaranteed processing time - by USCIS)

Employees Checklist

  • H-1B Visa Prospective Employee Form
  • Updated CV
  • OR I-94 entry record
  • Copy of current visa sticker in passport
  • Copy of identity page of passport
  • Copy of most recent I-797 (H-1B Approval)
  • Copies of 2 most recent UO pay statements (available on Duckweb)
  • Copy of diploma for highest degree earned
  • Copy of transcript for highest diploma
  • Copy of translation of diploma and transcript for highest degree earned

If you have dependents who will extend their H4 visa status

  • Check to Department of Homeland Security*
  • Form I-539 (filled out by spouse/child)*
  • Copy of entry stamp OR I-94 entry record
  • Copy of current visa sticker in passport
  • Copy of birth certificate for child (original & English translation)
  • Copy of marriage certificate for spouse (original & English translation)
  • Copy of identity page of passport

If applicable: 

  • F-2: Copy of all previous I-20s
  • J-2: Copy of all previous DS-2019s (front & back)
  • Copy of 212e waiver (if applicable)
  • H-4: Copy of all I-797 or I-171C (H-4 Approval)

*See uscis.gov for forms and fees

Translations: Must include translator’s name, signature, address, date and following statement (or similar statement).

I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ________________________.

Date Typed Name________________________

Checks: Make all checks out to Department of Homeland Security with the name of the applicant on the face of the check.
All checks must be paid separately.

Note: This paperwork is not necessary for new H-1B applicants with dependents outside the US.