Current J-1 Scholar Resources

Step 1. Program Extension

  • Your stay as a visiting scholar may be extended by submitting a J1-Scholar Request Form to International Affairs with a new UO courtesy letter or contract, and updated financial information.
  • International Affairs will prepare your new DS-2019 form with a new end date as long as your stay is within the immigration category guidelines. Please note that if your J-1 Category is 'Short-Term Scholar' your stay cannot be extended beyond six months.
  • E-mail to discuss issues of extending your stay as a visiting scholar.
  • Family members in J-2 status will also require a new DS-2019 to stay longer in the US. To receive new DS-2019s for family members, you must submit the Adding Dependents along with your Request for a DS-2019 to International Affairs.

Step 2. Travel Planning

Important Changes to International Travel

The I-94 card will no longer be issued if you are traveling by air or sea. This process will now happen electronically. You can read more about this at the USCIS website. This means when you leave the US. you will remove your I-94 card as usual and when you return you will not receive a new one. After you return, if you need proof of your arrival, you can print out your I-94 card. If you are traveling to the US. by land you will still receive an I-94 card. If you are traveling to Canada and re-entering by Automatic Visa Revalidation you will keep your I-94 card when departing as usual.

For travel outside the United States the following documents are required for re-entry:

J-1 Scholars & J-2 Dependents

  • Valid Form DS-2019 with current travel signature in the "travel validation" section.*
  • Valid J visa stamp in the passport (except trips to Canada for less than 30 days)
  • Passport (valid at least 6 months into the future)
  • Contract or Courtesy Appointment from the UO
  • Proof of funding

* Travel signatures are valid for a maximum of 12 months or through the expiration of your Form DS-2019, whichever comes earlier. If necessary, please request a travel signature by completing a J1-Scholar Request Form and submitting it to the International Affairs front desk at least three business days in advance of travel, or request an appointment with an International Scholar Advisor by e-mailing

If you need an entry visa stamp:

You will need to make a visa appointment at a US Consulate in advance. Please be prepared to bring the above travel documents in addition to any documents required by the U.S. Consulate you will apply at.

Step 3. Departure

Grace period

As a visiting scholar, you are allowed to stay in the US up to 30 days beyond the end date of your DS-2019. During those additional 30 days, you are considered to be in tourist status, and you are not eligible to do anything that tourists cannot do, for example, you cannot accept employment of any kind.

Departure form

We encourage you to contact International Affairs at to notify International Scholar Services of your departure. NOTE: Your DS-2019 is valid only if you are still participating in the J-1 visiting scholar program at the UO regardless of the end date on your DS-2019.